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Welcome to the National Government Directory!

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Executive Branch

Virtual Embassy

Secretary of State

Resident Declaration

Claim Nationality!


office of the Governor and Deputy Governor




Continental Public Bank

Legislative Branch

United States, in Congress assembled

USC Chamber of Commerce

Judicial Branch


Human Rights Tribunal

Human Rights Defenders

General Post Office

National Great Registry

North American National Party

office of deeds and recordings

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the National Government Directory!

  1. Wow this site is great. Who ever designed and put this together did a great job. Everything in one spot. Very nicely put together the design is great.

  2. I want council now please. we are desperate need of being “orphans & widows”,I am a widow my the Illuminati crafting. there have already murdered my sister, my mother, my father, my bloodline from 800 AD till now. I will be evicted with in weeks and and thrown in jail. They will “classify” me a lunatic due to crazy this fucking storey is. I’m ‘labeled’ as a domestic terrorist. being single, I’m targeted. never married. two children out of wedlock, by their crafting. they want my bonds money. they have matured. I moved back to province I was born in in Dec 2008. I don’t know what to do. I have no money, my reputation has been a whore, a cucubine, what kind of fucking status is that? i have so many superstitious things happen just in the last 6 months along. It is starting to happen daily. I can’t stand by my myself. It’s the banana that gets ripped from the group that gets eaten. They have completely compartmentalized my siblings, my children, my parents. we were farmers, We live out in the deep woods of rural Manitoba. My mom abandoned me at the age of 14, I was the last one left. None of family talks to each other at all. Maxine, my sister died of in a hospital in Hamilton, ON. This is were my mom was born. She was murdered in 2009? Heavy drug usage, I believe crack or meth. not sure. I have very little records due to being thrown in poverty after the government came around. Maxine was also a stripper. She and I were both strippers symotainiously without each others knowing about it till we came across each other on the “circuit”. So many strange things happen as yearly back as 6 years. incest, bestiality through Jehovah witnesses association. my brother, who is labelled schizophrenic, sexually abused us girls.It was started by the elders. torture all through elementary school. mocked, beat up, teachers turning a blind eye. by teachers too? it is hard for me to remember it was so abusive and gross. I am the last out of 10. it’s so fucking horrific i can’t stop sobering, grieving. I have never been allowed to grieve, and doing now is pushing my last child out the door, she has repeatedly said i am crazy. from grief. If “they” gets their hands on me in this state, I know (I know this) they will murder me by pharmaceutical drugs, worked in a bar as waitress, I was 16 when I became pregnant with my son. Tried to work, again poverty stricken, lived with men who have sexually abused my . Made do disgusting things. I cannot bring my self to to dwell on them. Next ting I knew I was the one up on the stage taking off my clothes for money. please keep me NOW. Prior to becoming a stripper, I was forced into prostitution. Choked by a black man in London, ON almost to death. Marilyn was Maxine’s twin. Two sets of twins in my immediate family. all I remember from that is Marilyn was with me during the whoring stage. She returned to jehovah witnesses. most of them are still. Leisa Jean Zorn (Foster- married name) is not one, but still very much under that control. I standing alone for (litterly) since 1976. no family, no friends, my youngest in wanting to run from all this insanity.
    is I knew it was not my time to leave this earth. I pray it be so again. I had an APB on my at the age of 24? Two charges of impaired driving with in a month of each other 1986. Wallet stolen in 1979. came back to me 3 months later no id. It started again shortly there after.

    I have no were to put this info and every time I walk out my door, I take such a change of being caught by cops.

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